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Chinese Cooking & Chinese Recipes

Bilingual Book

63 colorful pages

5 7/8" X 8 1/4"


Bilingual: Chinese/English


Chinese Gruel And Pastry (bilingual book)


- with Huang Huailine

Cook book is printed in English and Traditional Chinese with beautiful pictures.

28 delicious healthy soup meals illustrated!

‧海鮮粥 ‧雞絲粥 ‧蘿蔔絲粥 ‧滑蛋牛肉粥
‧鮑魚粥 ‧肉片粥 ‧莧菜小魚粥 ‧糙米排骨粥
‧火腿玉米粥 ‧菜肉蛋花粥 ‧臘八粥 ‧香菇芋頭粥
‧地瓜粥 ‧紅蘿蔔小排粥 ‧百合紅豆粥 ‧豬肝粥
‧魚片白果粥 ‧紅棗干貝粥 ‧藥膳粥 ‧鮮蚵粥
‧皮蛋瘦肉粥 ‧香菇瘦肉粥 ‧蝦球粥 ‧髮菜鮮蚵粥
‧金菇絲瓜粥 ‧虱目魚粥 ‧三鮮粥 ‧紅棗百合粥
‧廣東粥 ‧干貝皮蛋粥 ‧小湯包 ‧台式鹹粥
‧蝦仁腸粉 ‧叉燒腸粉 ‧蛋餅 ‧蔥油餅
‧素蒸餃 ‧水餃 ‧韭菜盒子 ‧牛肉餡餅
‧蘿蔔絲餅 ‧鍋貼  


Price: $9.95



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