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Chinese Children's Songs And Music

1 CD

Mandarin Chinese



- by Beijing Angelic Choir

From the Hans, Mongolians and Tibet, to Kazakh and Uigur of Xinjiang, the Chinese have enriched the world by its cultural diversities.  Now in this album you have an opportunity to tune in the feelings of these different ethnic cultures through their songs. Interpreted by the angelic voices, these ethnic voices reveal more than just words and stories. You get to know the inner conscious of this mysterious and affectionate people. Get ready to explore.  Songs include “The Babbling Stream” from Yunnan and “Love Song of Kangding” from Sichuan, as well as 10 others.


1:Alamuhan (Uigur)
2:Gesang Zhuoma (Tibet)
3:Awariguli (Uigur)
4:Flowers and Youths (Hui tribe)
5:The Babbling Stream (Yunnan)
6:At the Faraway Place (Qinhai)
7:Love Song of Kangding (Sichuan)
8:Senjidema (Inner Mongolia)
9:Farewell My Love (Northeastern China)
10:Jasmine in June (Taiwan)
11:Waiting for You throughout the Night (Xinjiang)
12:Duldal and Maria (Kazakh tribe)

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