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Chinese Children's Songs And Music

1 CD

Mandarin Chinese



- by Beijing Angelic Choir

Campus garden, comic strips, ice cream under the sun. . .Childhood memories never die no matter how old you are. Beijing Angel Chorus invites you to go into your own `inner child` with 12 popular old songs. Reinterpreted by the frequent award winner chorus, these songs carry both playful joys and some tender forlornness about childhood in a great variety: there are folk songs originated from China, Taiwan, Taiwan aboriginal tribes, Vietnam, Israel and so on. They rejuvenate you. They recall the sweetest experiences of you.


2:Song of Splashing Water
3:Moving on in High Spirit
4:Little Flower Hat
5:You Who Shared the Same Desk with Me
6:Pen-hu Beach
7:The Arch Moon
8:Western Wind`s Words
9:Malan Girl
10:In the Bamboo Chamber
11:Come Back My Girl
12:Lu-Bing Flower

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