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Chinese Children's Songs And Music

1 CD

Mandarin Chinese

Chinese Lullabies

月兒明  風兒靜

- by Beijing Angelic Choir

This album provides a different musical experience of lullabies. The sweet sound of the Beijing Angelic Choir (singing in Chinese) brings a sweet and special delight to every note of these melodies collected from different regions of China and Taiwan.  A Despite differences in language and musical style Chinese and the other lullabies from around the world create the same feelings of tenderness and comfort.


1:You-you-zha (Man)
2:Clear Moon, Quiet Winds (northeastern China)
3:Hammock Hanging Between Betel Trees (Guangdong)
4:Puyuma Lullaby (Taiwan)
5:Tu-Jia Lullaby (Hunan)
6:A-ni-qie-er (Hani tribe, Yunnan)
7:Kitty, Stop Meowing (Anhui)
8:Li Lullaby (Hainan)
9:Lullaby of the Fisherman`s Family (Guangxi)
10:Tibetan Lullaby (Western Tibet)
11:My Brother, Pu-ru-lai (Inner Mongolia)
12:A-lai, Ba-lang-mu (Uigur)

Absolute Best Seller!

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