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Chinese Children's Songs And Music


1 CD

Mandarin Chinese

Lullabies From Around The World


- by Beijing Angelic Choir

Lullabies heard and loved in different parts of the world, from Mozart's fabulous works to an Indian composer's equally brilliant composition, all share something in common--a kind of loving tenderness that all of us at any age desire and need. Through the sweet voices of the Beijing Angelic Choir (singing in Chinese),now you can hear and feel the same tenderness from each of these selected lullabies of different culture and music style.


1:Lullaby -by Mozart (Austria)
2:Lullaby -by Brahms (German)
3:Lullaby (Italy)
4:Children are asleep (Russia)
5:Autumn Night (England)
6:Sleep, Darling Baby (Mexico)
7:Lullaby -by Schubert (Austria)
8:Lullaby (America)
9:Flow Gently Sweet Afton -by J.E. Spilman
10:Lullaby (Japan)
11:Yi-li Yi-li (Philippine)
12:Lullaby (France)
13:Lullaby (India)

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