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Chinese Children's Songs And Music


Audio: Mandarin Chinese


Written: Chinese, Pinyin, English

Only Mom is the Best in the World


Produced by the Shanghai Children's Publishing House, this fantastic CD consists of 22 of the most popular Chinese children's songs --songs that have been sung by generations of Chinese children. To help you sing along, a set of lyrics written in Chinese, Pinyin, and English is included.


  1. Mothers are the Same All Over the World
  2. School Boy
  3. Looking for Friends
  4. Pulling the Turnip
  5. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
  6. Only Mom is the Best in the World
  7. Sweet Little Bunny
  8. Little Mouse
  9. Little Swallow
  10. Two Tigers
  11. Clay Doll
  12. Doll and Little Bear Dancing
  13. Grandpa Makes Mooncakes for me
  14. Mother's Kiss
  15. It's A Small World After All
  16. Little Piggy Brother
  17. Happy Birthday!
  18. Song of Selling Newspapers
  19. Little Driver
  20. One Penny
  21. Where is Spring?
  22. Happy New Year!

Price: $14.95




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