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Chinese Children's Songs And Music

1 CD

Mandarin Chinese

Playing in The Rain


- by Beijing Angelic Choir

Chinese Folk Songs

Enchanting songs. Silvery voices.  The choir boys of Beijing are singing again.   Whether it's the fun in the wedding day of crucian carp, the dancing and singing under the moon, festivities in the marketplace, the tense feelings of a dragon in a boat race, the choir boys bring you a most wonderful interpretation of songs that are so cherished by the various ethnic groups of China.  Completely new sound for this choir. Love it!


1:Carp`s Wedding in the Downpour
2:The Bird of Youth
3:On Our Way to the Marketplace
4:My Swallow
5:Dancing to the Moon
6:Under the Silver Moonlight
7:The White Moon
8:Bonfires in the Hill
9:Picking Tea Leaves
10:Little Dragon Boat
11:Springtime Excursion
12:Up the Half-Moon Goe

Price: $15.95



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