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Chinese Children's Songs And Music

12 CDs

Mandarin Chinese





Toddler's Songs And Stories


This 12 CD package is ideal for early childhood entertaining and learning.  The first 6 CDs are full of beautiful children songs and the last 6 CDs are full of famous educational children's stories. 

Many people use this product in day care schools, at homes or in their cars.  You will be amazed to see your toddler quiet down and listen.

1. 快樂寶貝搖籃曲(A) 7. 2歲的童謠共20首
2. 快樂寶貝搖籃曲(B) 8. 2歲的故事共4則
3. 快樂寶貝遊戲曲(A) 9. 2歲的故事共4則
4. 快樂寶貝遊戲曲(B) 10. 3歲的童謠共20則
5. 1歲的童謠共20首(A) 11. 3歲的故事共4則
6. 1歲的童謠共20首(B) 12. 3歲的故事共3則

Total of 12 CDs

Price: $33.95





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