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Chinese Children's Songs And Music

1 CD

Mandarin Chinese

Wings of Songs


- by Beijing Angelic Choir

Wings of Songs, sung by the fine and pure voices of the Beijing Angelic Choir, brings you the experience of folk songs from around the world.  With the debut of their first album, Chinese Lullabies, Beijing Angelic Choir entered the finalist of the 1996 NAIRD award for the Best Children’s Music.  Their harmonious sound has captured the fans of new age, classical and choir music.  Songs include: Sing Sing So (Indonesia), Hava Negeela (Israel), Edelweiss (America), Growing Rice (Philippines), Londonderry Air (Ireland) and many more.


1:Auf Flugeln Des Gesanges (Germany)
2:Sing Sing So (Indonesia)
3:Ode of Joy (Germany)
4:Londonderry Air (Ireland)
5:Growing Rice (Philipine)
6:Edelweiss (America)
7:Traumerai (Germany)
8:Island Of Capri (Italy)
9:Bengawan Solo (Java, Indonesia)
10:Have Negeela (Israel)
11:Over The Green Mountain (England)
12:Plink Plink Plunk (America)
13:Home On The Range (America)
14:Come, Lets Dance Together (Portuguese)

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