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Chinese Children's Songs And Music

2 CDs

60 songs total

Mandarin Chinese

sung by children

World's Best Children Songs


These are children's songs originated from all over the world, China and Taiwan. Songs, such as Sister Has Doll on Her Back, As long as I grow up, Little Girl, Happy Birthday, Home, Dance Song, Spill The Water, Fish Swims in Water, Little Donkey, Little Lamb, Papaya Song, Train Runs Fast, Doll of Mud, Two Tigers, I am a Little Bird, Sun Comes Out, Picnic Song, Rain Song, Kingdom of Dolls, This is My family, One Little Deer, Sweet Home, Great Spring, My Home Town, Look For Plum in Snow, Rabbit Dance, Little Rain Drops, Happiness And Peace, Turtle And Rabbit Race, ......

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