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Bilingual Book

63 colorful pages

5 7/8" X 8 1/4"


Bilingual: Chinese/English

Banquet Ordinary Soup (bilingual book)


- with Lin Shu Lien

Cook book is printed in English and Traditional Chinese with beautiful pictures.

‧肚片鮑魚湯 ‧砂鍋魚頭 ‧香菇雞湯 ‧蘿蔔排骨湯
‧蘆筍濃湯 ‧蒜頭田雞湯 ‧蘑菇魚板湯 ‧竹筍雞
‧大黃瓜釀肉湯 ‧佛跳牆 ‧蛤蜊絲瓜湯 ‧青蒜海底雞湯
‧豆腐砂鍋 ‧虱目魚豆腐湯 ‧苦瓜小魚湯 ‧螺肉蒜湯
‧玉米香菇湯 ‧牛肉砂鍋 ‧芥菜肉片湯 ‧海帶豆腐排骨湯
‧芡實牛尾湯 ‧髮菜豆腐羹 ‧羅宋湯 ‧蕃茄排骨湯
‧四神湯 ‧美味鮮菇湯 ‧紫菜蛋花湯 ‧冬瓜盅
‧羊肉爐 ‧味噌湯 ‧蚵仔豆腐湯 ‧蒜頭雞湯
‧鳳爪冬菇湯 ‧木耳金針湯 ‧菜心雞丸湯 ‧木瓜花生豬腳湯

37 delicious family/party soups illustrated!

It says: "Soup is the thermometer of home." Soup with meal makes the dining atmosphere lovely. After having good tasty home-made dishes, serving a bowl of heated soup, makes people have good appetite and enjoy the meal.

However, soup is not easy to cook. Because in the party, in order to satisfy the quests, cooking the soup requires more great ingredients and skills. For example, the last dish in the party, sweet soup, is so charming that let all the quests forgot the time when party is about to finish.

Soups play an important role in the meal. Just like the other dishes, tasty or not, is determined by the cook's skills. To help you become a great soup cooker, this "Banquet Ordinary Soup" helps you know how to make party-quality delicious soups at any time from any where for your families or big party.

Home-made soups are more nutritious and delicious than canned soups from the market. Develope your creativity, make a wonderful meal thermometer soup for your families/party today!

Price: $9.95




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