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Chinese Cooking & Chinese Recipes

Bilingual Book

63 colorful pages

5 7/8" X 8 1/4"


Bilingual: Chinese/English

Easy Noodles Cooking (bilingual book)


- with Huang Huai Line

Cook book is printed in English and Traditional Chinese with beautiful pictures.

‧紅燒牛肉麵 ‧什錦湯麵 ‧三色涼麵 ‧油豆腐細粉
‧榨菜肉絲麵 ‧奶油焗通心麵 ‧炒烏龍麵 ‧擔仔麵
‧芋頭米粉 ‧炒冬粉 ‧什錦炒麵 ‧鍋燒麵
‧麻辣麵 ‧雪菜肉絲麵 ‧肉羹麵 ‧奶油義大利麵
‧紅燒牛筋麵 ‧台式炒麵 ‧排骨麵 ‧乾拌麵
‧紅油炒手 ‧義大利肉醬麵 ‧火腿雞絲麵 ‧大滷麵
‧涼麵 ‧炸醬麵 ‧三鮮燴麵 ‧叉燒麵
‧乾炒河粉 ‧豬腳麵 ‧牛肉炒麵 ‧廣東炒麵

33 delicious noodles meals illustrated!

In the region of subtropics, Taiwan, four seasons is always like spring, plentiful of natural resources. Rice is the major food for Taiwanese, and noodles is popular too. For the recent days, the foreign foods come and combine with the local one, so we have more options and spaces to get the fantasy food.

Never ignore a bowl of noodles, or rice gruel, for people who enjoy great food, there is a legend in it. In order to let you make great noodles and rice gruel at home, we publish this "Easy Noodles Cooking" for the daily life of your families. The beef noodles by stewing carefully, or the spaghetti in Italian style, or rice gruel in Kwang Tung style, we introduce them step by step, and show them with photos.

For the persons who enjoy cooking but have no idea how to do it, this book will be a great guide for you.

Price: $9.95




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