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Chinese Cooking & Chinese Recipes

Bilingual Book

63 colorful pages

5 7/8" X 8 1/4"


Bilingual: Chinese/English

The Great Dishes of the Famous Cook (bilingual book)


- with Chen Chin Wan

Cook book is printed in English and Traditional Chinese with beautiful pictures.

27 delicious fancy meals illustrated!

‧豆瓣鯉魚 ‧青紅椒牛肉絲 ‧生煎明蝦 ‧彩虹魚絲
‧雪梨雞片 ‧魚香肉絲 ‧瑤柱芥菜 ‧荔枝魷魚
‧百角蝦球 ‧香蕉明蝦捲 ‧怪味雞 ‧雪菜冬筍肉絲
‧芙蓉干貝 ‧回鍋肉 ‧棒棒雞絲 ‧火爆腰花
‧栗子燜雞 ‧蠔油鳳翼 ‧魚香茄子 ‧香根牛肉絲
‧干煸四季豆 ‧紅油耳絲 ‧苦瓜肥腸 ‧糖醋里肌
‧薑爆鴨絲 ‧小煎雞 ‧碎米雞丁  


In the mainland China, great culture and nature, different physical and political geography caused different great special geograpgy caused many different great gastronomy, the most famous four kinds are Chekiang, Kwangtung, Szuchuan and Peiping.

When various foods transferred into Taiwan from mainland China, mix with Taiwanese own style and turn out a bran new taste, it becomes the main meal here in Taiwan after all. Taiwan turns into the heaven of best foods for those epicureans.

This "The Great Dishes of The Famous Cook" let all the readers cook many delicious dishes at home by themselves. We invite the famous chef, Mr. Chen Chin-Wan from Hen-Lai Hotel Kaohsiung with great experiences, to go through every single step with you. Also we have photos shown to clarify and simplify the learning process.

Eating is not only for filling up our empty stomach, but more like an enjoyment of living alive. Cooking by yourself can increase your knowledge and joyful mood. We believe that you will become a great cook by this edition and satisfying your families with friends. Feel the different taste of famous your cooking skill with self confidence.

Price: $9.95




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