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Chinese Cooking & Chinese Recipes

Bilingual Book

63 colorful pages

5 7/8" X 8 1/4"


Bilingual: Chinese/English

Ordinary Meals (bilingual book)


- with Lin Shu Lien

Cook book is printed in English and Traditional Chinese with beautiful pictures.

39 delicious family meals illustrated!

‧玉米肉丸 ‧咖哩雞 ‧咖哩雞 ‧鱈魚豆腐
‧薑絲雞 ‧蜜汁火腿 ‧三杯小卷 ‧波羅雞丁
‧西芹鮮魚片 ‧油豆腐鑲肉 ‧烤雞 ‧香滷肥腸
‧番茄炒蛋 ‧中式豬排 ‧黑胡椒牛柳 ‧小魚炒花生
‧涼拌小黃瓜 ‧炸豆腐 ‧枸蔘雞湯 ‧什錦煲
‧翠玉蝦仁 ‧涼拌雞絲 ‧五福臨門 ‧髮菜豆腐湯
‧涼拌海蜇皮 ‧雙筍沙拉 ‧糖醋魚 ‧清蒸蟹
‧洋蔥肉絲 ‧雙蔬雞絲 ‧串烤 ‧干貝芥菜
‧九香雪螺 ‧蛤蜊絲瓜 ‧紅燒獅子頭 ‧苦瓜鑲肉湯
‧清涼水果甜湯 ‧銀耳蓮棘甜湯    

In one's opinion, it will be in a mess when you are in the kitchen. If your family does not like what you cook, you feel upset and are afraid of cooking. Actually, cooking can be a great enjoyment to you, if you know how!

From "Ordinary Meals", we provide 39 courses to you, their methods are very simple and they are very delicious. We help you become a good cook in a short time, then you will change your opinion and love cooking, and be admired by your families.

To help you understand how to cook clearly, we show the pictures of point methods. We wish you love them and enjoy cooking.

Now, it's your turn, why don't you cook in a laughing mood, and serve good meals to your families?

Price: $9.95




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