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45 minutes

The Art of Chinese Dance


Now you can enjoy this popular dance show in DVD.  A fantastic journey into the delightful world of Chinese culture, this video is a colorful introduction to the Art of Chinese Dance by one of the most renowned dance company in the world: Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company.

It is an artistically excellent and culturally rich program that can inspire the imagination of the young and old. Based on some of the most vibrant dances seen in Chinese celebration and festivals, The Art of Chinese Dance includes the powerful lion dance with percussion music, the vivacious ribbon dance with long silk ribbons making calligraphic patterns in the air; as well as the beautiful fan dance beguiled by audience all over the world. The Art of Chinese Dance brings the color, pageantry and grandeur of the Chinese culture to your home.

The DVD also includes a short instructional section where the members of the company demonstrate the basic movement and practice of Chinese dance training as well as the significance of concentration, harmony and spirit required to master the art. Parents who wish to work on Chinese dance with their children can follow the dancers to make flower shape with their fingers, step like a Chinese warrior or make up a Chinese dance of their own. It “…could have been ancient Chinese statues coming to life” The New York Times, “Like visual poetry” The Village Voice


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