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2 VCDs

110 Minutes

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Teaching Chinese Children Dances


Would your child like to learn Chinese children's dances, but you don't know where to start? Well, here's your chance to learn! Presented by some of the best Chinese children's dance teachers and dance groups in the world, this VCD set teaches 14 of the most popular and best known Chinese children's dances from all over China. Beautifully performed with great visual instruction.

Even though it's in Chinese (Mandarin), anyone can learn these dances simply by following the movements! The set includes 2 VCDs: one instructs and shows the performance, while the second one consists of the musical background. So once your child(ren) has mastered the movements, she/he can perform them with the proper music! A great idea for teaching and entertaining groups of kids -- girl scouts, playgroups, even school P.E. programs will find these VCDs valuable and fun.

Audio: Mandarin

Subtitle: None

 2 VCDs

Price: $13.95




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