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Age : 5 and up

7.25" x 10.25"

Paperback book + Audio CD

Audio: Mandarin & English

 Print: English, Simplified Chinese Characters, 31 Pages


Audible Picture Dictionary

- Book+CD

小丸子 雙語知識錦囊

This set of Chibi Maruko Chan picture dictionaries teaches children the basic Chinese vocabulary words with the subjects of Food, Apparel, Home, Transportation, School, People and Daily Life. Each book contains approximately 140 vocabulary that are used in your child's every day life, not in China, but in the US (such as Waffle, Pancake, Baseball or Happy Halloween).

Each word is illustrated by simplified Chinese character(s), English, and a beautiful color photo of the object. The accompanying audio CD not only reads each word in Mandarin Chinese and English, but also reads the sample sentences of how to use these words in Mandarin Chinese and English. A great set of dictionaries for children to learn Chinese vocabulary! Price is for each set of book and CD.

  1. 飲食篇

  2. 生活篇

  3. 家居篇

  4. 交通篇

  5. 學校篇

  6. 生活篇

Price: $12.95 (book + CD)

1. Food

Qty. 2. Animal & Toys

Qty. 3. Home Furnishing

Qty. 4. Transportation

Qty. 5. School

Qty. 6. People & Daily Life



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