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Products Help Children Learn English

Age: 3 - 9

Audio: English/Mandarin

Print: English/Traditional Chinese

8 3/8" X 11 7/8"

1 large colorful book

& 1 CD

Children's English Songs

英文童謠快樂 Songs


Beautifully printed and designed bilingual books for Chinese children to learn English.  This book comes with a audio CD which leads children to go through page by page of happy songs with beautiful pictures and vocabulary list.

屬有 聲 書類,適合3歲以上兒童閱讀


每首歌謠附上單字表 (含25首歌謠)

目 錄
How are you? 你好嗎?
Train is a-coming 火車來了
The muffin man 鬆餅人
Cobbler, Cobbler 補鞋匠
Apple song 蘋果歌
My little pony 我的小馬
Good morning to you 早安
My toes, my knees, my shoulders, my head 認識身體
Did you ever see a lassie? 你看過一位小姑娘?
Come on and join into the game 一起來遊戲
Put your finger in the air 健康動一動
In and out, the dusky blue bells 擺盪的藍鐘
Lazy Mary 貪睡瑪莉
I am going up to London 我要去倫敦
Oh where has my little dog gone? 噢!我的小狗哪去了
Brush your teeth 刷刷牙
I love little pussy 我愛小貓咪
Dancing round the Mypole 花柱之舞
Color song 顏色歌
The train 火車
I went to school one morning 上學去
Alphbet song 字母歌
We can play on the big bass drum 大低音鼓
The mirror game 鏡子遊戲
Two little dickery birds 可愛的鳥

Sample Inside Page

Sample Inside Page


Sale Price : $16.95 for book/CD



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