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Products Help Children Learn English

Age: 3 - 9

Audio: English/Mandarin

Print: English/Traditional Chinese

8 3/8" X 11 7/8"

1 large colorful book

& 1 CD

Fun To Sing Fun To Learn




Beautifully printed and designed bilingual books for Chinese children to learn English.  This book comes with a audio CD which leads children to go through page by page of happy songs with beautiful pictures and vocabulary list.

屬有 聲 書類,適合3歲以上兒童閱讀


每首歌謠附上單字表 (含25首歌謠)

目 錄
Ten little fingers 十隻手指頭
Rain, rain go away. 雨啊,雨啊,走開!
Head and shoulders 頭和肩膀
I have two hands 我有兩隻手
A little tea pot 小茶壺
The butterfly 蝴蝶
Lullaby and good night 搖籃曲
Ladybird 小瓢蟲
Bingo 賓果
Strawberry jam 草莓果醬
Yankee Doodle 笨伯進城
Hush, Little Baby 安靜!小寶貝
Round and round the garden 繞著花園跑
Six little ducks 六隻小鴨子
The seed cycle 希望的種子
Daisy 黛絲
Jesus loves me 耶穌愛我
Little Peter Rabbit 小小彼得兔
For he's a jolly good fellow 他是一個愉快的好夥伴
Days of the week 星期歌
Hush-A-Bye & Rock-A-Bye Medley 搖籃曲組曲
Little Jack Horner 號手傑克
Georgie Porgie 喬治.波吉
I sent a letter to my friend 寄信給朋友
Shoo fly 咻咻飛

Sample Inside Page

Sample Inside Page


Sale Price : $16.95 for book/CD



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