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Chinese Movies DVDs

中 港 台 電影  DVD總綱 

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WWW www.eChineseMovie.com

Liberty House Company sells Chinese movies DVDs, Martial Arts DVDs, Chinese children's movies, Hong Kong Movies DVDs, Chinese Traditional operas, Chinese TV Dramas, Cantonese Movies DVD, Cantonese TV Drama, Classic Chinese movies, Chinese folklore, Beijing Operas, Peijing Opera, Chinese drama  movies, and Chinese comedy DVDs. Our goal is a happy customer from our high quality products, fair prices, and great customer service. 

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DVD Titles On Sale


DVD Titles On Sale






DVD Titles On Sale 特價片

Action / Adventure 動作片

Children's 兒童片

Comedy 喜劇片

Drama 劇情片

Family 家庭片

Classic / Historical 古裝歷史片

Martial Arts 武術片

Sword Play 刀劍片

Thriller 恐怖片

Children's 兒童片

TV Dramas 連續劇

Folklore 黃梅調 粵劇 歌仔戲

Opera  國劇粵劇






Movie Titles 片名 A - E

Movie Titles 片名 F - L

Movie Titles 片名 M - R

Movie Titles 片名 S - Z



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DVD Titles On Sale 特價片


WWW www.eChineseMovie.com


Shipping Cost    Shipping Cost

Listen to what our customers are saying:

  • I have really enjoyed ordering my movies from you and I have been satisfied with the delivery process.  My son and I love to watch martial arts movies and old kung fu flicks, comedy romance, animation.  Your selections and prices are the best.   Thank you!                 Mrs. L. M. Reynard


  • I am very impressed that you keep your inventory up to date.  When I place an order, I can expect to receive it soon.  Thank you the fast processing and stocking all the titles.      Mr. David Hoffman


  • Will Center Stage be in stock in the near future?  By the way, I want to thank you for having such a broad array of Chinese DVDs.  I teach Chinese in rural Michigan, and I have a hard time finding videos that I can show to give my students the experience of hearing native-spoken Mandarin.  Thanks!           Annie Eichler

We welcome wholesale customers, contact us for wholesale details.

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