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Chinese TV Drama Series

TV Episodes

27 VCDs

Eloquent Ji Xiaolan


TV Drama Series


影像:NTSC 4:3


In the last feudal dynasty of China, there is a talent scholar in the imperial court of Qing-long, his name is Ji Xialoan. With his unique ability of writing and orating. Ji earns a most privileged role at the court. Sparkling with his widsdom, Ji enjoys every triumhp at frustrating his two key rivals in the court-Official he and General Fu who are corrupt but very good at pleasing the Emperor.

With two outstanding folk ladies Du Xiaoyue and Mo Chou shuttling back and forth, through their feelings about the fickleness of the world, their understanding of the sweets and bitters of life, and their seeking for destination of their life voyage, one after another love melodies are woven.

This play is full of passion and humour. It is a song of justice and goodness, It is an ode to brilliant humanity. In humour and fun, it reflects the connotation of Chinese classical culture. In gripping movements, it flickers the splendour of philosophy.




27 VCD Discs

Audio: Mandarin

Subtitle: None

Regions Free


Manufacture: TVBI

碟數:27 VCDs

Suggested Retail: $61.95

Our Price: $38.95

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