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Learn To Write Chinese Characters


Age: 6 and up

7 1/2" X 9 1/2"

123 Pages

Paperback book & 1 CD-ROM

Print: Traditional Chinese, English, PinYin, Zhuyin



Chinese Characters For Beginners

Book & 1 CD-ROM

This new (2002) book teaches 100 of the most common characters (traditional, with pinyin romanization and zhuyinfuhao characters and 500 words (5 words per character). With many illustrations to show the origins of the characters, stroke order and space to practice writing the characters, and more.

The bonus CD-ROM (not sold separately) includes all the information in the book plus audio pronunciation, games and exercises, and shows how characters morphed from ancient forms to today's written characters. Highly recommended, and at a great price.

Price: $19.95




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