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1 CD

Chinese Music

Butterfly Lovers - Zither Concerto (CD)

梁祝 - 古箏

The music of Liang Zhu, or butterfly lovers, is no doubt the best-known and most popular of all in China. It is also one of the few Chinese pieces that is played often on world stages. Almost everyone in China can hum a few lines if he is asked to. Originally composed as a violin concerto by Chen Gang and He Zhanhao, it has been adapted for various Chinese instruments. This CD features the guzhen (zither) performance.


  1. 梁祝
  2. 井關山上太陽紅
  3. 漁舟唱晚
  4. 草原英雄小姐妹
  5. 彝族舞曲
  6. 洞庭新歌

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