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Chinese Massage For Heart (CD)


Chinese Massage is regarded as one of the ways of `Natural Healing of the Body, Mind and Soul,` which is a traditional method to stimulate one's body--especially the tiny energy centers called xue-dao(穴道)with the force of the hands and effects of chi. It can activate one's metabolism, integrate biological electricity and balance one's yin and yang energy. Its method includes pressing, rubbing, squeezing, bending, touching, caressing to "charge" one's body.

Adopting the wisdom of Chinese massage, this album is designed to be a musical massage to press the right spots in your mind, to sooth your tense muscles and to let your spiritual power flow. The flowing Er-hu (Chinese fiddle) and cello will first relax your body, and then the flute and Pipa (Chinese lute) will clarify your emotions. While the excited Gu-zheng (Chinese long zither) press almost every energy center of your brain to empower you. Do you need a Chinese massage master? The mindful healing is right here and now!


1:The Sun and Moon`s Essence
2:Holding Your Mind
4:Moving Like a Cloud
5:Pacifying Your Heart

Price: $15.95




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