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1 CD

Chinese Music

Colors of Seasons (CD)


A little bridge, flowing water, the autumn moon, an ancient temple--images of Chinese poetry and painting, nature's sounds and new age music make this album a smooth escapade far from city life. The talented composer Shi Zhi-you merges Chinese paintings with the melodies that touch your soul. In every season you experience different colors and sounds. Making a brush stroke between heaven and earth and singing to accompany the four seasons, you become the painter yourself.

 暢銷歐洲 名作曲家史志有 再掀東方魅力旋風
 在古箏、琵琶、笙的新世紀樂風中 品賞中國歷代四季名畫


1:Spring upon the Lake—Qing Dynasty
2:Wu Li
3:After the Spring Rain—Southern Song Dynasty
4:Ma Lin
5:Summer Leaves of Banana—Ming Dynasty
6:Du Jin
7:High on the Summer Mountain—Yuan Dynasty
8:Wang Meng

 演奏:* 排簫/杜瑞 * 二胡/于紅梅 * 琵琶/張強 * 古箏/張曉紅 * 尺八/杜瑞 * 雙笙/李光陸 * 電吉他/劉林 * 竹笛、簫/戴亞 * 雙琵琶 & 雙中阮/張強 * 古箏/張曉紅 * 大提琴/蔣力行

Producer:Ouyang Qian, Yang Xiu-lan & Hao Han
Composer:Shi Zhi-you
cello:Jiang Li-xing
zhong-ruan:Zhang Qiang
electric guitar:Liu Lin


Price: $15.95




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