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Chinese Children's Songs And Music

Age: 1-10

12 audio tapes &

one book,

Mandarin Chinese

20 songs on each tape,

240 songs total


Chinese Children Songs - Mandarin

Many Chinese and world children songs are packed into this product. There are 20 songs on each tape, as many as 240 songs total. Use it in your children's daily life, such as riding in a car, playing in the house, having meal, taking bath or bed time before sleep. Many songs even you and I forgot from our childhood are included in this collection. You may sing along or even dance with your child with these songs. Very joyful and inspiring.

It is very economical to buy this complete up to date collection. Your children will enjoy listening to it over and over again, even when they grow up these songs will still come back to them.

The included colorful book contains all the words of the songs.

1. 妹妹背著洋娃娃等20首 2. 火車快飛等20首童謠 3. 甜蜜的家庭等20首童謠
4. 虹彩妹妹等20首童謠 5. 媽媽眼睛等20首童謠 6. 小黃鸝鳥等20首童謠
7. 當我們同在一起等20首 8. 醜小鴨等20首童謠 9. 小花貓等20首童謠
10. 蝸牛和黃鸝鳥等20首 11. 水晶宮(上) 12. 水晶宮(下)

Price: $39.95




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