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Chinese Children's Songs And Music



One Song Book


one Cassette Tape Set


Song book is printed in English, Pinyin and Simplified Chinese

Songs are in Mandarin Chinese

Popular Children's Songs & Lullabies


This great book/CD set or book/Cassette set features 25 of China's most beloved folk songs. You'll hear love songs, work songs, songs of hardship, ballads, and more. The book includes all the musical notations, Pinyin Romanization, Chinese characters, and English translations for each song.

Songs list:

1. Lullaby 1 搖籃曲 一

2. Lullaby 2 搖籃曲 二

3. Purple Bamboo Flute 紫竹調

4. Little Baby Goes to Sleep 小寶貝 快安睡

5. Little Rabbit 小兔乖乖

6. Cloth Doll 布娃娃

7. Throw a Handkerchief  丟手巾

8. I Have a Pair of Little Hands 我有一雙小小手

9. Going to School 上學歌

10. Learning The Numbers 學數字

11. Snow Flakes 雪花

12. Little Duckie 小小鴨子

13. Who Can Fly 誰會飛

14. Please Sing a Song 請你唱個歌吧

15. Clay Doll 泥娃娃

16. Little Swallow 小燕子

17. Little Ducks 小鴨子

18. Little Donkey 小毛驢

19. Little Cabbage 小白菜

20. Little Cowherd 小放牛

21. Flower Riddle 對鮮花

22. The Riddle 猜調

23. Song of the Shepherd 牧童之歌

24. School Boy 讀書郎

25. Wa Ha Ha 哈娃娃

Price: $19.95 for Book & Cassette Tape Set





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