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Chinese Children's Songs And Music

tape 1

tape 2

Age: 1-10

2 audio tapes




Chinese Children Songs (12 songs) - Mandarin

Rainbow Sister (20 songs) - Mandarin

Many Chinese popular children songs are packed in these audio tapes. There are 32 songs total. Songs are sung in Mandarin. The first tape, Chinese Children Songs, contains songs from 11 different provinces of China. It is a very valuable collection of native Chinese folk music/song for the little ones. The second tape, Rainbow Sister, contains 20 very popular Chinese children songs. Kids love to sing along with the tape all day long.

Use them in your children's daily life, such as riding in a car, playing in the house, having meal, taking bath or bed time before sleep. You may sing along or even dance with your child with these songs. Very joyful and inspiring.

Price: $10.95 for both




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