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Chinese Songs And Music

1 CD

Chinese Music

Chinese Music of Festival (CD)


Enjoy the happiness the New Year brings as the Chinese enjoy it! This collection of 16 traditional Chinese instrumentals introduces you to some of the most popular Chinese music played during the Chinese New Year. This compilation is specially good for all kinds of celebrations including weddings and parties. (with English titles).


  1. The Music of Happy Event Firecracker 喜慶鞭炮聲
  2. Boisterous Elation 喜洋洋
  3. Dragon Boat Racing 賽春奪錦
  4. Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon 彩雲追月
  5. A Hundred Birds Paying Tribute to Phoenix 百鳥朝鳳
  6. Amusement Peace 娛樂升平
  7. Perfect Conjugal Bliss 花好月圓
  8. Step and Step Turn High 步步高
  9. Spring Breeze Crow Over 春風得意
  10. Dance of the Golden Snake 金蛇狂舞
  11. Celebration of Harvest 慶豐收
  12. Tambour of Fengyang 鳳陽花鼓
  13. Uplift the Flower Litter 抬花轎
  14. Date of Joyful 歡慶的日子
  15. Happy Year 幸福年
  16. Sinfonia of Chinese New Year 春節序曲

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