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1 CD

Chinese Music

Gongs And Drums of Celebration (CD)

慶 鑼鼓

Enjoy the happiness the New Year brings as the Chinese enjoy it! This collection of 12 traditional Chinese Gongs and Drums instrumentals introduces you to some of the most popular Chinese celebration played during the Chinese New Year. This compilation is specially good for all kinds of festival celebrations.



  1. The Joy of New year 新年樂
  2. Lo Han 羅漢舞獅
  3. Prelude to Spring Festival 春節序曲
  4. Higher and Eminence 步步高
  5. Frantic Dances of Golden Serpent 金蛇狂舞
  6. Happy Year 歡樂年
  7. The Rice Farmer's Song 大秧歌
  8. Hsi -Ching -Yang 喜洋洋
  9. The New Year Celebration 過新年
  10. Welcoming The New Spring 百家春
  11. Boundless Longevity 萬壽無疆
  12. Gongs And Drums of Celebrations 喜慶羅鼓

Price: $15.95




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