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Chinese Songs And Music

1 CD

Chinese Music

Happy New Year Music (CD)

慶 民樂 三

Now you can commemorate the New Year and other Chinese holidays with authentic music! Enjoy this collection of Chinese music played by traditional instruments while you celebrate special occasions throughout the year, and you’ll be bringing a bit more Chinese tradition to your festivities.


  1. Chun Jie Xu Qu 花好月圓
  2. Xi Xiang Feng 喜洋洋
  3. Pai Jia Chun 採茶舞曲
  4. Xi Yang Yang 金蛇狂舞
  5. Qin Shang Tian Hua 喜慶的日子
  6. Dao Chun Lai 萬事如意
  7. Nao Yuan Xiao 新春樂
  8. Hua Hao Yue Yuan 彩雲追月
  9. Bai Niao Chao Feng 娛樂升平
  10. Long Fei Feng Wu 鳳陽花鼓
  11. Xue Shan Chun Xiao 恭喜發財
  12. Jin She Kuang Wu 八段景
  13. Kong Que Kai Ping 鬧新春
  14. Ying Qin 年年有魚
  15. Ba Xian Shou Tao 喜慶
  16. Ying Chun Hua Shi 春節序曲
  17. Han Tian Lei 步步高
  18. Happy Year 幸福年

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