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1 CD

Chinese Music

Melodies For New Year's Greetings (CD)

Celebrate the New Year with this CD collection of 13 Chinese folk tunes written just for that special time of year!


  1. Da Jia Guo Ge Ti Ping Nian (Greeting for a Peaceful Year) 大家過個太平年
  2. Ying Chun Jie Fu (Welcoming New Year with Fortune) 迎春接福
  3. ying Chun Hua (Winter Jasmine) 迎春花
  4. Xiang Wang Xiao Er Bai Nian (New Year's Greeting to Wang Xiao-Er) 向王小二拜年
  5. Bai Nian(New Year's Greetings) 拜年
  6. Huan Ying Xin Nian (Welcoming New Year) 歡迎新年
  7. Wan Shi Ru Yi(Wish You All Well) 萬事如意
  8. He Xin Nian(Congratulations for the New Year) 賀新年
  9. Xiao Bai Nian (Pay New Year Calls) 小拜年
  10. Gong Xi Fa Cai (Wish You Make a Pile in the New Year) 恭喜發財
  11. He Jia Huan (Joyful Family) 合家歡
  12. Gong Xi Da Jia Jin Nian Hao (Wish Everybody a Happy New Year) 恭喜大家新年好
  13. Gong Xi Gong Xi (Congratulation) 恭喜恭喜


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