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Bamboo Salt Toothpaste

Bamboo Salt Toothpaste






You won't believe your eyes!


Anti-gingivitis toothpaste
with herbal medicine
"Bamboo salt"
NET WT 6.0 OZ ( 170g )
Lifelong Gum Care

Effect Of Bamboo Salt Toothpaste :
Bamboo Salt protects your teeth and oral health in all dimensions!
Bamboo Salt toothpaste contains refined bamboo salt and natural plant essence , Xanthan. it effectively prevents cavity,
reduces plaque, removes bad breath, soothes sensitive teeth, keeps collagen and prevents gum from breaking down.

Production Process Of Bamboo Salt:
Bamboo is filled with natural bay salt and its ends are covered with yellow ocher. By baking them by 9 times at over 1,000℃ with pine tree firewood, refined peritectic bamboo salt is made, which is effective for cleaning,caring\and protecting gum health.


Distributed by LG Household & Health Care America Inc
Made In Korea

Direction: Suggested brushing your teeth with proper amount for at least two times per day or following dentist / doctor's instruction.

Children between two to six should use about two to six should use about a size of a pea and should be supervised by adults while using.


SILICON DIOXIDE 20g in 100g, SODIUM FLUORIDE 0.22g in 100g, AMINOCAPROIC ACID 0.05g in 100g, GLYCYRRHIZINATE DIPOTASSIUM 0.04g in 100g, URSODIOL 0.02g in 100g, Curcuma xanthorrhiza oil 0.025g in 100g, SEA SALT 3g in 100g
Labeler: LG Household and Healthcare, Inc.
NDC Code: 53208-459


Product of Korean 

6.0 OZ







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