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Animation DVD

60  Minutes


What is Multi-Lingual DVDs?

Super Man - 1

超人 -1

This special 50th birthday collection set of Laserdiscs includes all 17 original vivid full color cartoons.  The Man of Street was introduced to the public in June of 1938 by action comics.  After a successful transition to radio with the voice of Bud Collyer, in the early 40's he made the leap to the big screen in the form of 17 theatrical animated cartoons between 1941 and 1943.

In the 1948 Kirk Alyn starred in the first 15 chapter serial which was followed in 1950 by a second serial and then a feature length film starring George Reeves. This film served ad the pilot for the TV series which ran from 1951-1957.

.In 1987 Superman again returned to the big screen in "Superman The Movie" which has been followed by 3 sequels and a new "Superboy" TV series.  Each of the animated cartoon cost over $100,000 to produce and has been transferred from mint 35mm prints to insure the finest quality anywhere.

DVD: List Price: US $19.95

Sale Price: US$10.95

Language: Mandarin / English

Subtitle: Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese

All Regions (Can be played on any DVD player in the world)




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